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Travel with your pet

By: Daniela Medina

We all love to travel, be it to distant places or neighboring towns, to the mountains or to the beach, with friends or family. There is no one who does not enjoy a pleasant walk to know different parts of their country or the world. 

However, having a pet many times doing these getaways can be a bit challenging, so here I bring you a 5-step guide of what you should do before traveling with your faithful companion (approved by Holly Molly, my Labrador and travel companion).

1.- Plan

Although the spontaneity of a trip is always exciting and leaving for an unknown direction without knowing what awaits us can fill us with excitement and anecdotes, this is not the most recommended when traveling with your pet. There are many places that they cannot enter and this can become a bit stressful for both them and you. The best thing in these cases is to always have a planned trip, make sure that the place where you’ll stay allows pets and that the activities we do are friendly for our four-legged friends.

2.- Bring everything you need

Although many people do not accept it, a puppy needs much more than food and water when traveling. Depending on the place you visit, your little friend may need anything from cold clothes to little shoes. Also, it is always a good idea to bring:

  • A dry bath to keep it always clean.
  • Wet toals
  • Bags to clean up after our dogs
  • A brush to be able to remove from twigs to small bugs that have slipped through its fur.

On the internet, you can find small backpacks that also serve as a harness to tie your strap and that can carry all their little things.

3.- Get used to it beforehand.

If you are going to make a trip in your private car, you have much more freedom to take your pet in the way that feels most comfortable, but other kinds of transportation such as airlines, buses and trains, require that your dog travel in a carrier. When buying these tools it is necessary that it be large enough since your dog must be able to turn around as many times as necessary to feel comfortable inside it.

Before making the trip, it is important that your dog becomes familiar with the carrier so leave it open for a few days at home so that he can snoop it, you can even put some of his toys or his favorite blanket, so he will feel much better from home and the trip will be more pleasant for both of you.

4.- Prepare your pet for the trip

Especially if you are going to take long trips, it is important that your pet is prepared for this. Do not feed him 2 to 3 hours before the trip, as this can cause him to get dizzy. Take him for a walk before the trip, so you will not have problems or make other passengers feel uncomfortable. Also, this way they will be tired on the trip and will fall asleep.

5.- Take him to the vet

This is a prevention method more than anything, if you and your pet like trips and are used to doing them, it is not necessary that you take it before each trip. On the other hand, if it is the first time that your pet is going to travel, it would be the most recommended. 

The vet will help you check that his health is doing fine, he can also give you some recommendations on what to do or what to take depending on your destination and the breed of your dog. You can also consult the different methods to calm a possible anxiety in the event that your puppy begins to suffer during the trip. Although, the best medicine for that will always be your pampering and your love.

Now you are ready to go on a trip with your best friend. Remember these little tips when preparing it and you will both enjoy it in the best way. To travel!


By: Daniela Medina

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