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What does
Wipala mean?

It means “Union of the Andean Peoples” in Quechua,
the official language of the ancient Inca empire.

We seek to reconnect with the Pachamama (Mother Earth) through natural food, the community and protecting the environment. Together we are one big Tribe!


Image of guardians of pachamama

Guardians of the

Our story begins in 2015 in Ecuador. A country located in the heart of the Andean mountain range.
During our last year of university we realized that with the passage of time we have been forgetting our connection with the planet. What happened to the stories our grandparents told us about respecting, caring and protecting the Pachamama? We have forgotten that we are nature too.

Long story short, that was our kickoff. It was time to start our own adventure, a company with a real purpose. And so, without realizing it, we got into a path called “Wipala”. It has not been an easy path, but we are moving forward and at the same time finding the time to reconnect with our roots, nature and the Andean communities.

Jaime & Mario
Guardians of the Pachamama.

Food for Good

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People, nature and animals. We are all connected and it is time to understand that what is good for you, must also be good for everyone. That is why at Wipala we want people to begin to understand that as consumers WE have the power to create a better world. If WE choose foods that are good for your health and good for the planet, we are taking a big step towards the regeneration of our Pachamama.

It's time to
go back to our roots

We keep it simple and real. Just as our ancestors believed that food was sacred, we keep our traditions alive by handling clean, additives-free, allergen-free and 100% natural production processes.
We gather organic ingredients from the 4 regions of Ecuador where the magic of the Andes, the flavors of the tropical coast, the mysteries of the Amazon and the enchanting Galapagos become our main source of inspiration to create real, sacred and nutritious foods.
We know that words are blown away by the wind, that is why in all your Wipala products you can find the main international certifications that guarantee our safety, quality and, above all, our commitment to making the world a much better place.

EU Certificate USDA Certificate HACCP Certificate