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The TOP SIX SPOTS for camping in Ecuador!

By: Tribu Wipala

Mountain edition.

One of the best ways to reconnect with the pachamama is to spend a night immersed in the magical places that nature offers us. We love exploring and camping as much as you do, so we bring you some of the best spots for your next camping trip.

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Now, you’re ready to choose one of the following destinations:

1. Cubilche Lagoon

The Cubilche Lagoon is circular shaped and volcanic in origin. It is surrounded by the Ibarra valley and the Yahuarcocha lagoon, and you can see the Cayambe volcano in the background. It has a privileged view of the Andean mountain range. This landscape truly transmits calmness and is perfect to recharge your batteries.

2. Quilotoa

The Quilotoa Lagoon has a diameter of more than 3km and its colour is emerald green. It is one of the most famous natural destinations in the country. To camp here, you must descend into the crater, approximately a 2 hour hike. On the shore of the lagoon there is a semi esplanade suitable to set up camps. It is surrounded by trees, so there is extra protection from the strong winds that blow at night.

3. Ozogoche 

The Ozogoche Lagoons are located within the Sangay National Park, 20 km south of Guamote and 36 km east of the town of Palmira.

The largest lagoons are: Magtayan 2.2 km and Cubillin 5.3 km, which have transparent water. 

The lagoons are deep, cold and characterised by their deep dark blue colour. Their name comes from a legend that refers to a tribute of birds to a god of the indigenous culture that takes place every September.

4. The Yellow Lagoon in El Altar

It is located in the Sangay National Park in the Province of Chimborazo. The walk takes between 4 to 6 hours depending on the weather. This is one of the lagoons of the snow-capped Altar and is 220 m to 250 m wide and 600 m long. It is located inside the crater of the snow-capped mountain at 4.150 m above sea level. It is formed by the snow melt and its colouring is due to the combination of minerals.

5. Cerro Puñay

This mountain, located in the canton of Chunchi, province of Chimborazo, is the ideal place to visit for this season (August), a place considered as the longest stepped pyramid on Earth, which is shaped like a macaw and belonged to the Cañari culture, with a height of 3245 meters.

You will literally wake up in the clouds. 

Check out our tribe member Dalmeri’s blog for her experience in this beautiful location!

Foto: Cesar Ortega

6. Mojanda  Lagoon

The Mojanda Tabacundo Lagoons are surrounded by native grasslands and forests with the biodiversity representative of the northern Andean páramos.

This complex of 3 lagoons is located 16 km (40 minutes) from Otavalo, at 3720 m.a.s.l. and with a surrounding temperature of 8°C.

According to legend, on quiet nights you can hear the sound of a bell coming from the depths of the lagoon, and from the moor you can hear the echoing cries of mythological beings. 

Tell us about your experience in these places and welcome to the Wipala Tribe!