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Mini Tribe Getaway

By: Tribu Wipala
Kids are the present and the future, it is completely transcendental that they connect with their roots from their early years.

The environment of the city to which we are accustomed does not allow us to be close to what we once were, humans in harmony with nature, with the Pachamama.

This month we’ve decided to bring closer to nature three members of our Mini Tribe. We went on an adventure getaway in a preserved forest in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador: Cerro Blanco.

This way they can have the experience of what the soil really looks like, how the air without pollution feels, and that they can enjoy the biodiversity and snacks made of real food. 

You cannot love what is not known, for this we want them to meet her, the Pachamama.

On our mission, Wipala Snacks.

We share with you some of the moments we enjoyed:

Be part of the Tribe, TRY THE ANDES.