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The legend of the Quilotoa Lake

By: Tribu Wipala

According to this legend, the lake was created from a confrontation between the gods called Quilotoa and Toachi.  Thousands of years ago at the site of the current Quilotoa Lake, there was a desert and infertile plain. The god Quilotoa, considered the king of the eruptions of all the volcanoes of the world, reached this surface. This was the god’s favourite space to play with fire, an element that emerged from his hands. One day, for no apparent reason, water began to sprout up on the surface. As it filled the plain with liquid, it sank, taking the shape of a kind of pot. This was the work of the god Toachi, who was under water and whom Quilotoa was jealous of for being able to reflect the colour of the sky. During the years of the fights, the Andean gods destroyed everything around them.

Source: El Telégrafo 

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