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There’s a lot that goes into making truly great snacks.
We believe that the secret is collaboration, that’s why we’ve created “Wipala Small Batches”,
where we are committed to create authentic snacks together with our Tribe.

Dare to be part of this experience and taste our new creations!

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“New releases every 30 days.”

Dark Cacao Granola

Small Batches Serie No.003

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Looking for a sweet dark treat? This Dark Cacao Granola is the perfect fit! Our 3rd Small Batch arrived in a Double Pack, with 4g of fiber per serving, full on minerals to strengthen your immune system. Made with an amazing amazonian flavor you can’t miss. We assure you that you will not stop snacking!

*As this are limited edition created on Ecuador, we are currently working on how to deliver these to you.

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Dark Cacao Granola

Small Batch No.003