The legend tells us that in the times of the Inca Empire many of the grains that were consumed were considered sacred so its elaboration implied remarkable rituals and extraordinary religious ceremonies.

The Choice

Our producers, natives of the main regions of Ecuador, collect and select the best of their Andean and tropical crops, honoring in that way our biggest contributor, mother earth.

Let’s create

Just like the Huaycuks (Inca cooks), In Wipala our ingredients go through demanding quality & control processes

Once approved, we began the transformation of our goods; always keeping intact the properties and benefits they provide us.

Food of the Gods

Finally we obtain Healthy Snacks worthy of celebration, so natural that they could return to the land while still producing crops.

Based on that we keep our snacks in specially designed eco-friendly packaging to reward our world everything that we receive each day.

So Andean

From Natural to Nourishing. Our processes allow us to maintain the benefits and properties of each ingredient in all our Healthy Snacks. They are so ready for you!