Wipala logo

Wipala represents,
the emblem of the Andean
culture and the union
of its peoples. But in essence
it means much more,
it is the opportunity
to innovate from our origins,
keeping our roots
in each crop,
every farmer and
finally in all our snacks.

We are on a mission to
transparent the food
industry. But how? We got
together with small farmers
and proposed to create
"Meet your bar" a project
that allows us to visibilize
them and demonstrate with
transparency the
traceability of each of our
ingredients and products.
Pretty cool, huh?

We believe healthy snacks
should be simple, practical
and tasty. So we make you
this promise of “Just Real

1 Always Real!

2 Just enough ingredients.

3 100% native.

It all started in 2014 when we were about to present our final thesis at the university. We had this crazy idea of creating a company that seeks, with equal priority, to achieve an environmental, social and economic impact.

For us, Business should be use as a force of good and Wipala it's our chance to do things a little differently than usual. So we joined small farmers from the 4 regions of Ecuador with whom we developed the project "Meet your bar" with the purpose of making visible each of the Andean families that are part of Wipala.

But that's not all, we created a business model based on our green spirit where our eco-plant has 0% waste, uses natural lighting and has a recycling program with an effectiveness of 92%. We know, we have a lot to improve. We'll get there!

Today Wipala, represents the entire Andean culture, full of traditions and mysteries that with time we will reveal and transform into new healthy and delicious snacks.