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The Inca Trail

By: Tribu Wipala

Don’t you want to feel like you are starting from scratch? Have a regenerative connection with the Pachamama, totally disconnected from the city and the telephone signal. Make your adventure in Capaq Ñan, The Inca Trail. In this blog I will tell you everything so you can do it!

First you have to know that here we are going to camp and really do physical activity.

What does this campsite include?
– Transport.
– Food during the trip.
– Tent, sleeping bag and thermal insulation.
– Guide.
– Digital photographic record.

You can schedule your trip with:
Here you can find the best routes for this path.

Trekking & Camping: time 3 days and 2 nights.

Total budget: $170
$150 for camping and $ 20 personal expenses.

Difficulty: Medium – High
Climate: Varies between 0c ° – 12c °

There are usually light drizzles and strong sun. This depends on the date of travel, leave a space to carry the garbage that you cause during the trip and if you find yourself on the way, try to collect it. Avoid carrying bottles with water since Sacharuna has a filter and you can drink water from clean places found in the park. You should wear the least amount of clothing possible, only waterproof and cold clothing. Acquiring some trekking poles are necessary because there are places with difficulty and these help us to improve balance and stability. Rubber boots 7 lives are essential because there are some areas with mud.

Here’s a list of objects that you cannot forget:
1 Backpacker Suitcase

Of clothes:
4 shirts: 1 on, and 3 in the luggage.
2 pants: 1 position (Waterproof) and 1 in the luggage.
Underwear and stockings, enough for 3 days.
3 Buffs for the weather.
1 Pair of Gloves.
2 Sweaters: 1 waterproof and 1 for cold.
1 Pair of trekking shoes.
Trekking sticks.
Flashlight and spare batteries.
Bottle for storing water.
Utensils to eat.
Small towel.
Toilet paper and wet towels.
Basic medicine (pills for headaches, stomach pain, etc.)
Pocket Knife.

These extra foods will be great company:
Wipala energy bars (Better if it is an Inka Boost).

Dare to go Back to your Roots.