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My dad once said

By: Jimmy Ajón

As a kid my dad taught me to be a protector of the Pachamama, he said that nature is energy, its land production and water life. He said that we must respect the animals and forests, that even if we humans aren’t aware of them, they truly know pain and sorrow. By neglecting them we cause ecological fractures.

My dad also said that every waterfall is a source of clarity where each guardian blesses you and fulfilled your space with life. Since that day I became their lover, so much was my excitement that I went to visit the nearest waterfall from home almost everyday. Until one day I could call her Amigo (friend).

The cycle of life kept its way until Amigo started changing, suddenly he wasn’t thrilled anymore, he became weaker and weaker till he couldn’t bear it anymore. Sadly, human interaction has transformed into a predator for the environment and Amigo was one of the many parts that has been destroyed. Many years have passed and I’m here sitting and telling how incredible it was to meet Amigo and asking myself: If this place isn’t Paradise I don’t want to imagine how Paradise really is.

If you love and enjoy from Pachamama (Mother Nature) let me tell you that directly or indirectly we have some negative impact on her, for this I share with you these 5 tips:

  1. Respect the policies on protected areas
  2. Try to move on public transportations or to carpool to generate less impact
  3. Don’t leave any type of social trash like plastics or glasses.
  4. Use reusable, ecological products
  5. Carry with you a bag so you can always responsibly keep the trash you make, so then you can dispose of it on garbage cans. 

I want you to be part of change, let’s conserve and take care of these beautiful spaces that Pachamama shares with us.