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5 tips to ease your mind

By: Tribu Wipala

We can find peace and balance inside of us if we just learn to listen to our own bodies. On this note we want to give you 5 tips to ease yourself on unstable moments.

1. Breathe

The breathing technique and the air are literally the pure manifestation of life itself, the more agitated you are, the less calmed you will feel; the more stressed you are, the more pain you’ll get and the more tension you feel its gonna leave a bigger regret.

You have to treat yourself with kind and profound breaths. Purify your whole body and liberate the weight of the day. 

2. Take a Walk

Our entire body is totally attached to our emotions, if we feel a knot, we can untie it by moving. The blood flow needs to keep up, so take a walk for a better world.

3. Keep an eye on the Pachamama (Mother Nature)

Our “developed” cities don’t give us much room for inspiration based on nature, so usually we lack of connection with her. The best place to look for serenity is in the warmth of home, the feel of our land and the breeze. Let her renew our energy.

4. Be one with the present

Future usually frighten us, the past tends to chase us but we should be centered on the NOW, what’s happening NOW. Our 5 senses are dispersed, lost on the variety of stimuli that the context offers. We must align to the present.

5. Manifest

Deliver your emotions in the most assertive way you can: Acknowledging your own limits, and necessary feelings such as empathy and consideration. It’s important to be really woke to understand the real cause of the unsolved situation, so we can really heal.

Tribe, to be healthy is to be in peace with everything that touches our vibes and energy. We have to reconnect with our most authentic self.

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By: Tribu Wipala


By: Tribu Wipala