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Nemonte Nenquimo: Our “Guardian of the Pachamama” who fights for the Amazon

By: Tribu Wipala

Nemonte Nenquimo, a 35-year-old Waorani woman, led the legal process that suspended the oil exploitation that threatened her community. For that victory, she has been recognized as one of the most important indigenous rights activists in the world. Her struggle is difficult and her figure divides even indigenous activists and leaders. However, her laughter captivates everyone.

Nenquimo was chosen for its success in protecting 180 thousand hectares of Amazon rainforest from oil extraction. She and other members of the Waorani indigenous group took the Ecuadorian government to court over their plans to put their territory up for sale. Her 2019 legal victory set a legal precedent for indigenous rights.

“I tell all of you that we join in this fight to protect the green forest, for future generations”, this is the heartfelt message of Nemonte Nenquimo, the Ecuadorian indigenous leader who has been awarded this Thursday by the UN with the “Champions from the earth”.

Awarded by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the award is in addition to the one that this 35-year-old woman received last week from the Goldman Foundation for the Environment for the determined fight for the Amazon and for the lives.

In her native language, Nenquimo has called for everyone’s union as a last chance to avoid disaster, as she fears that the excessive commercial interest of the extractive industries and climate change could generate irreversible effects on the jungle and on the planet.

Without a doubt, Nemonte Nenquimo becomes a true light of hope for our planet.

Source: El Universo

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